EQONEX featured on Phoenix TV Digital Asset Documentary

October 18, 2021


Phoenix TV featured EQONEX in a documentary about the Digital Asset jungle in Hong Kong. Interviewed for the program were Richard Byworth, CEO; Marieke Van Kleef, Market Risk Manager; Kelvin Ting, Head of Blockchain Strategy; and Sherwin Techico, Product Manager.

Watch Marieke talk about crypto during the pandemic at 9:15, and Richard, Kelvin, and Marieke introduce themselves from 16 minutes.


  • 24:40 Richard talks about his crypto past
  • 27:45 Richard talks about Hong Kong and Crypto
  • 37:40 Richard on the SFC and crypto regulation
  • 47:00 Richard on the future of crypto in HK
  • 48:00 Sherwin on his journey to Asia
  • 48.20 Marieke on moving to Hong Kong

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