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EQONEX launches Isolated Margin and Sub Accounts

July 2, 2021
EQONEX is committed to helping our traders manage their risk as effectively as possible, so we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Sub Account feature.

The EQONEX Sub Account structure allows traders more flexibility to distribute their funds and/or isolate positions to manage their portfolios efficiently.

Sub Accounts can furthermore be used to isolate margin, offering EQONEX traders the ability to manage their risk more effectively by ringfencing individual positions and capital from their Main or other Sub Accounts. Only assets in a particular Sub Account would be at risk from leveraged trades in the same Sub Account. As such, if a trader's position in a Sub Account is liquidated, only the balance in that Sub Account is at risk. 

EQONEX strives to empower traders with better control over their portfolios and help them make better risk-adjusted decisions regarding leveraged trading.

How do EQONEX Sub Accounts work?

Retail customers have the ability to put specific assets into Sub Accounts, and trade that Sub Account as a segregated bucket of risk relative to the rest of their asset base. 

Users will continue to keep their Main Account, and can open up to six Sub Accounts.

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