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Introducing EQONEX: The New Way to Trade

July 29, 2020
For the last couple of weeks, we have been releasing snippets of what EQONEX currently does and will do. The wait is over — EQONEX is publicly launching today!

EQUOS was created out of a gap in both the digital asset and traditional finance space, where there was always a trade off between trust and innovation. EQUOS is a digital asset exchange unlike any other currently available. It will offer features, tools, and trading opportunities that do not exist elsewhere in the market.

Innovation meets Trust

While there are some very secure cryptocurrency platforms available to investors, they often have sacrificed innovation in their drive to stay safe. Contrariwise, some more innovative platforms in the crypto space have sacrificed security by trying to stay innovative.

EQUOS offers institutional-grade infrastructure, performance, and safety while providing a suite of innovative products and concepts that allow investors to grow, hedge, leverage, and structure their positions in ways that had not been available in the crypto industry. These products will create a much-needed overpass into the traditional finance trading scene.

For the first time, investors will have a single, secure, and integrated venue to trade on, which meets the needs of institutional traders. With features such as sub-account segregation and seamless USD/USDC integration at launch, EQUOS brings professional products to a nascent crypto trading scene.

Fairness and Compliance

With transparency and equality at the center of its creation, EQUOS is changing the way traders think about the crypto industry. With no in-house market makers, EQUOS will provide tools to drive capital efficiency through portfolio margining and re-imagined insurance fund structures, all while conducting real-time market surveillance and reconciliation of all market positions.

Richard Byworth, CEO of EQUOS parent company, Diginex, said: “Our industry analysis has allowed us to understand all the friction points for institutions to trade digital assets and address many of those with new and improved solutions… I am truly excited by the impact that will have on many aspects of how the industry operates today and how it will also expedite its future growth.”

Furthermore, with the goal of creating an exchange for the real world, as per our slogan, EQUOS is available to everyone. “Today’s announcement represents a critical milestone for Diginex as we progress toward our goal of facilitating the maturation of the digital asset class… We have a comprehensive roadmap of products and services aimed at both institutional and retail traders that will continue to differentiate the platform as they roll out,” said Neil Sheppard, COO of Financial Services.

We believe that it will not be very long before Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols in the crypto industry become standard. EQUOS requires KYC for all customers and performs daily AML checks to ensure a safe trading environment. Furthermore, we have worked with bodies such as Global Digital Finance and the Monetary Authority of Singapore to create internal as well as external checks and balances to offer white collar security.

Diginex is proud to launch EQUOS, confident that it is exactly the type of trading platform missing in this growing space. Traditional finance and fintech have existed on separate planes for too long. The key lies in combining the best of both to promote faster, safer, and more inclusive technology to improve finance as a whole for everybody — And we plan to do just that, one step at a time.

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