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February 14, 2021
Over the weekend, Snoop Dogg and Gene Simmons joined Elon Musk in promoting Doge Coin, a cryptocurrency that began as a joke, but has since rallied by 27%.

On Monday,

Government officials of the Indian parliament may be taking the "ordinance route" by passing a bill which will ban all digital currencies in the country. They attribute the decision to an effort in preventing illicit activities in the industry.  

Tesla announced it will now accept payment in Bitcoin. This follows a $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin from the company's corporate treasury. 

On Tuesday,

Rhode Island's state legislature received a new bill that aims to attract blockchain investors. The bill is called the Rhode Island economic growth blockchain act and aims to frame Rhode Island as a crypto sandbox. 

On Wednesday,

Amazon posted a job hinting at a new digital and emerging payments project. According to the posting, the project will be piloted in Mexico.

On Thursday,

Bank of New York Mellon announced that it plans to hold, transfer, and issue Bitcoin. BNY Mellon is the oldest bank in the United States and is making an effort to embrace digital assets as they become increasingly mainstream.

Nigerian Senator Sani Musa stated in a plenary session that, “Cryptocurrency has become a worldwide transaction of which you cannot even identify who owns what. The technology is so strong that I don’t see the kind of regulation that we can do. Bitcoin has made our currency almost useless or valueless." This follows the Central Bank of Nigeria’s announcement banning cryptocurrencies.

On Friday,

Democratic mayoral candidate for the State of New York, Andrew Yang, said he would turn New York into “a hub for BTC and other cryptocurrencies.”

According to an anonymous source, Morgan Stanley is considering an investment in Bitcoin through its subsidiary Cointerpoint Global. The bank has declined to comment.

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Bitcoin is still aiming to set a new record for the most consecutive up days in a row. We have had 8 up days in a row, the most since 2015 (the record is 10, set back in 2013). Prices will need to close above $40,035 to register day 9.

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