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This Week in Crypto (Week 44)

November 14, 2021

Tammy Ha

Crypto hit a 3 trillion-dollar total market cap!

On Monday... 

The total market capitalization for all crypto assets has tapped a record high of 3 trillion dollars, according to CoinGecko. 

Banco Santander plans to launch the first Bitcoin ETF in Spain.

Incoming New York Mayor Eric Adams wants crypto taught in schools to make NYC the center for innovation and cryptocurrency. 

JPMorgan predicted Bitcoin would reach $146,000. plans to launch crypto-linked Visa Cards in Australia. 

Zimbabwe’s government is considering utilizing Bitcoin as a legal payments option to harness the technology and meet growing demand, according to local news

On Tuesday… 

The former boss of Citigroup Inc., Vikram Pandit, told Bloomberg that most financial institutions would begin cryptocurrency assets trading within one to three years.  

Bitcoin soared past $68K for the first time as Ether also set a record high. 

Square unveiled plans to help Bitcoin become the native currency for the Internet 

Mastercard launched the first crypto-funded payment cards in the Asia Pacific Region.  

PayPal and Venmo saw massive growth during Q3 2021 and credited adding cryptocurrency features for the success. 

On Wednesday… 

The Bank of England and the United Kingdom finance ministry planned to launch a consultation on the possible rollout of a central bank digital currency, starting in 2022. 

Ripple announced plans to launch Liquidity Hub, a crypto trading marketplace to offer crypto trading services to enterprise clients. 

On Thursday… 

Kazakhstan passed a new law to regulate cryptocurrency firms. 

India’s Parliamentary Committee arranged an official meeting with crypto industry players on November 15 in a more balanced approach to the country’s crypto framework. 

Millions of customers dining at 500 restaurants across the U.S. will soon be able to earn bitcoin points, thanks to a partnership between restaurant giant Landry’s and New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG). 

On Friday… 

Chinese E-Commerce records $15.6 million in Digital Yuan transactions in a single day. 

Banco de Espana required banks to report their 3 year digital currency plans to assess digitalization's influence on financial services. 



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