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This Week in Crypto (Week 49)

December 19, 2021

Tammy Ha

This Week in Crypto (Week 49)
Many governments are discussing the regulation of digital assets and are considering creating their own central bank digital currencies (CBDC).

On Monday...

  • According to Clark Moody Bitcoin Dashboard data, over 90% of the total amount of Bitcoin that will ever exist has already been mined.
  • Credit card giant Visa opened an entirely new division designed to provide cryptocurrency advisory services to interested companies.
  • Mubadala Investment Company’s CEO and Managing Director Khaldoon Al Mubarak revealed crypto expansion plans. 

On Tuesday…

  • Cryptocurrency is the most popular theme amongst Reddit users this year, with a record-breaking 6.6 million mentions.
  • NGO WikiLeaks received $2.2 million worth of donations in crypto.
  • Switzerland’s largest online bank, Swissquote, announces plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange early next year to meet clients’ surging demand for digital assets.

On Wednesday…

  • German savings banks plan to allow customers to invest in major digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ether directly from checking accounts.
  • Wells Fargo partners with HSBC to settle bilateral foreign exchange (FX) transactions with its blockchain tools.
  • Bank of Thailand planned to publish guidelines for crypto regulations.

On Thursday…

  • Ukraine’s Central Bank announces they will use the Stellar blockchain to pilot an electronic version of the hryvnia, the national currency of Ukraine.
  • Another class-action lawsuit has was filed against Tether.
  • South Africa plans to introduce cryptocurrency regulations in early 2022.
  • The Tanzanian central bank governor recently revealed that cryptocurrencies are not outlawed in the country.

On Friday…

  • Six U.S. senators urge the Treasury to expedite rulemaking on cryptocurrencies.
  • Myanmar’s Parallel Government elevated USDT to official currency to ease payments.
  • Kazakhstan explores the feasibility of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).
  • Consensys collaborates with Mastercard to offer scalability solutions.
  • IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath calls for a global policy on cryptocurrency.

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