Crypto video library

Crypto vs the Environment with Lyn Alden and Alex de Vries

September 16, 2021

Watch industry experts Lyn Alden and Alex de Vries talk about what kind of net impact the crypto industry will have on the environment.

Crypto Can Bank the Unbanked with Peter McCormack and Yaya Fanusie

September 16, 2021

Two days after El Salvador officially implemented Bitcoin as legal tender, Peter McCormack and Yaya Fanusie debated whether or not crypto can bank the unbanked.

The Benefits of EQO Dollars

September 14, 2021


EQONEX Head of Program Management, Andy Snare, talks about the many benefits of the EQO-D airdrop.

EQO-D Explained

September 14, 2021


This compact two-minute video showcases the EQO-D and some of its many benefits. Learn more about the exciting new airdrop for EQO holders on the EQONEX Exchange.

Richard Byworth discusses the crypto markets with Cryptonized

September 13, 2021


Watch as the EQONEX CEO discusses a full range of crypto issues, including DEFI, government regulation, and NFTs.

Bitcoin vs Gold with Anthony Scaramucci and Peter Schiff

August 31, 2021

Watch two industry heavyweights, Anthony Scaramucci and Peter Schiff, debate which asset - Bitcoin or Gold - represents the best store of value, as part of the EQONEX Intelligence Squared Crypto debates.

All About the Upcoming EQO Dollar (EQO-D) Airdrop

August 30, 2021


Great news for holders of our EQONEX exchange token EQO. The first official airdrop is coming soon.

What is Cross Collateral

August 26, 2021


EQONEX has added Cross Collateral functionality, which offers traders on the exchange multiple benefits.

The Future of Exchange Tokens with Richard Byworth and Henri Arslanian

July 30, 2021

What is the future of exchange tokens for crypto exchanges? Can DeFI exchanges be a threat to centralized exchanges? What challenges are banks facing when entering the crypto space? Watch EQONEX CEO Richard Byworth and PwC Crypto Leader Henri Arslanian on the Future of Money Podcast.

EQONEX Webinar with Polygon CEO, Jaynti Kanani

July 16, 2021

We're pleased to have Jaynti Kanani, CEO of Polygon, join us for an exclusive fireside chat to discuss Polygon's vision, roadmap, and why its listing on EQONEX matters.

EQONEX launches Isolated Margin and Sub Accounts

July 2, 2021

EQONEX is committed to helping our traders manage their risk as effectively as possible, so we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Sub Account feature.

Introducing EQONEX...

June 16, 2021

EQONEX is a cryptocurrency exchange focused on offering innovative products and services that are compliant, fair, and trusted.